What to Expect while Selling

We know that selling a home is more than just a simple transaction. It’s crucial step for you as a homeowner, so it’s important to have an experienced professional guiding you throughout the process.

Lighthouse Realty will always strive to display your home’s best qualities and get you the best price possible. We come up with a pricing strategy through comparative market analysis, which shows recent sales and demand in your area. Today’s buyers need a trusted resource to help them through the complexities of real estate. We can provide the stress-free guidance you need to make selling your home a great experience.

The Do’s & Dont’s of Selling


  • Consult your agent

    Contact an experienced agent who can take the stress out of the selling process.

  • Prep Your Home

    The condition of your home can make a big difference in selling price. Ensure your house is clean, organized and odor-free.

  • Make Repairs

    Make any necessary repairs. If you can’t afford to make before the sale, disclose them to the buyer and leave an allowance for the repairs to be made.

  • Comparative Market Analysis

    It’s important to compare recent sales of other properties in your area. We provide a detailed CMA so you can price your home correctly.


  • Hide Value

    If you have a unique piece of your home, such as a stone fireplace or expensive wood paneling, make sure to show it off.

  • Take a passive marketing approach

    Realtors know how to use their connections and exposure to attract potential buyers for your house. Don’t just put a sign up—let our team market your property for you!

  • Under or Overprice your Home

    If the price is too low, it may sell quickly but you might not receive enough money to move and live comfortably. Too high and you may be stuck trying to sell for months or even years.


Myths vs. Facts